Traffic Control for Road Construction

Traffic Control for Road Construction

In the realm of road construction, the onset of warmer weather heralds the peak season for road work activities. As construction zones proliferate across our interstates, highways, and streets, it becomes imperative to implement robust traffic control measures during road construction to ensure the safety of both workers and commuters.

Through a steadfast commitment to excellence and a wealth of experience in supporting diverse agencies, Pathfinder DRX remains at the forefront of delivering exceptional traffic control solutions for road construction projects. Reach out to us at 833-656-PFDR for more information.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics 2020 Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries revealed alarming statistics, with 247 construction worker deaths attributed to transportation incidents. Among these, pedestrian vehicular incidents accounted for a significant portion, with 38 fatalities resulting from pedestrians being struck by vehicles within work zones. Roadway collisions involving motorized vehicles further contributed to the toll, claiming 142 lives.

Pathfinder DRX, with its ATSSA Certified Traffic Control professionals, stands as a beacon of safety and efficiency in managing public right-of-way job site needs. Our service may include single and multiple lane closures, flagging operations, freeway lane closures, ramp closures, and installation of construction notice signs and k-rail barriers. Constant monitoring ensures the proper positioning of devices, facilitates safe ingress and egress from work areas, and ensures the safety of pedestrians and vehicles.

Thorough planning is the bedrock of effective traffic management during road construction. By analyzing current and projected traffic patterns, assessing work scope and duration, and anticipating potential impacts, a meticulous traffic management plan is crafted to navigate the project seamlessly.

Continuous monitoring and data analysis are pivotal in evaluating the efficacy of the traffic management plan. Adjustments, such as modifying work schedules, altering traffic control devices, and enhancing public education campaigns, are crucial for optimizing traffic flow and enhancing safety.

Transparent communication with the public and stakeholders is paramount. Providing clear project information, regular updates, and soliciting feedback fosters cooperation and understanding, reducing confusion and complaints.

Adhering to established standards like the MUTCD and prioritizing safety through risk assessments and safety audits ensures consistency and quality in traffic management. Embracing principles of sustainability and resilience further bolsters environmental and social responsibility.

There are innumerable circumstances that we take into consideration during our initial planning and inevitable surprise events. These may include:

  • Everyday foreseen factors like peak traffic hours and holidays.
  • Special local events like sports games, concerts, and festivals.
  • Emergency, or unforeseen events involving police, fire, utility workers.
  • may affect a traffic control plan during road work. 

Pathfinder DRX understands that flexibility in the face of so many variables is a necessity to keep the flow of traffic moving and show consideration to area businesses without compromising safety protocols. 

At Pathfinder DRX, our unwavering dedication to meticulous planning, reliable equipment, and a safety-centric approach sets us apart. With licensed traffic control professionals at the helm, we deliver top-notch services that prioritize excellence without compromise. For unparalleled traffic management solutions, reach out to Pathfinder DRX Traffic Control today.



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