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Construction Zone Traffic Control

In the realm of construction zone traffic control, dedication is imperative for the successful execution of efficient traffic management strategies. Pathfinder DRX excels in meticulous planning to enhance traffic flow amidst construction activities, prioritizing safety above all to mitigate the risks associated with directing traffic in construction zones. For further insights into our services led by licensed traffic control professionals, please contact us.

Emergency Traffic Control Operations

In the face of emergencies or impending natural disasters, swift action is imperative to safeguard lives and property. The establishment of Traffic Incident Management (TIM) is critical in coordinating the efforts of multiple agencies with diverging priorities, ensuring the safety of both first-responders and the public.

Pathfinder DRX stands ready to anticipate and respond to the unpredictable nature of crises. Our team of licensed traffic control professionals is poised for rapid deployment, swiftly assessing the situation and implementing TIM protocols. Collaborating closely with local authorities, we prioritize safety above all else to prevent any potential secondary incidents.

A steadfast commitment is essential in executing effective construction zone traffic control measures. Through meticulous planning to optimize traffic flow in construction areas or accident scenes, Pathfinder DRX upholds safety as paramount, minimizing the risk of additional mishaps. For further information on our skilled traffic control professionals, do not hesitate to contact us.

The unforeseeable nature of natural disasters and calamities poses a challenge to transportation agencies, disrupting meticulously crafted pavement management strategies. By leveraging relief programs, agencies can enhance their responsiveness to unforeseen events. Given the critical role of highways in times of crisis, it is imperative to design and maintain them for longevity and functionality under any circumstances. Please contact us for more emergency traffic control operations.


Unforeseen circumstances are a common occurrence in the construction domain. Pathfinder DRX prides itself on its ability to swiftly respond to emergent project requirements. Our agility in addressing challenges ensures the smooth progression of operations.
Pathfinder DRX operates with a sense of purpose and commitment. Accredited with a C-31 License for construction zone traffic control, we adhere to stringent standards and qualifications. Our comprehensive traffic control services encompass lane closures, flagging, traffic diversions, and the utilization of a diverse range of portable devices, including cones, delineators, barricades, and more, on public roadways.
Pathfinder DRX operates in accordance with the California Code of Regulations, Title 16, Division 8, Article 3, which governs the classifications for construction zone traffic control contractors. Our team specializes in setting up lane closures through the use of signs, flagging and portable devices like cones, barricades & message signs to implement traffic diversions on a variety of roadways.
Along with the proper training and certifications, the proper use of signs, traffic control devices, flagging and lights ensure smooth traffic flow and enhanced safety measures. These key elements play a vital role in guiding drivers safely through work zones, construction sites, and natural disaster debris. These tools indicate crucial information to drivers at a glance to include evacuation routes, restricted access, speed reductions, road closures, and dead-ends.

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